Sunday, October 03, 2010


A lack of oil means
lack of flame.
A lack of flame means
lack of spark.
A lack of spark means
lack of touch.
Winter is hiding behind
our bedroom door,
her cold draft seeping into
your fingers and toes.
And I can feel you
folding inward,
like a card table,
a box-top,
tucking your heart
away from me
until spring

This piece is for Magpie 34.


Helen said...

Inevitable ~ this winter we are inching closer and closer to ~ the trick? To embrace it I think. Lovely Magpie.

ocdbloggergirl said...

Ihate winter, but love the imagery and flow.

A. Troy Foster said...

Beautifully written...I know how you hate the retreat of summer!

Dan Kent said...

The box top is a great simile. Nicely written - it seems to me that the first part of the poem explains the second, why he would withdraw in winter and reemerge in spring.

Reflections said...

wonderful imagery.

nice magpie.

Mark said...

I can't believe winter is on it's way already. It seems like just yesterday I was posting photos of ice on our boat. I need to make a conscious effort to enjoy the fall, rather than dread the winter, but its hard.
You put it beautifully.

Everyday Goddess said...

I am starting to miss her too. Excellent magging!

kickoutthejams said...

That is a beautiful poem Melinda, there is a melancholy feel to it that I really like.

willow said...

This "lack" can be read on so many levels. Nice.

Prayer Girl said...

This was so beautifully written. I loved the sound and feel of it.

Mine is up.


Tumblewords: said...

Oh, I can feel the chill...this is a lovely piece of imagery.

kathi harris said...

I am not a lover of winter. Can't believe it's almost here.

Caty said...

I love the box top folding in...great description. Very nice magpie :) I am so not looking forward to winter!!

Rogue said...

Well dere Melinda, me dearo, being from the great white north, I know a thing or two about winter. Some days so danged cold, ya couldn't slide an American Express card between yer butt cheeks. But, I digress. Awesome wee piece here. I love the flow. Well done.

Jingle said...

cool style.

Lisa said...

I love your writing. Have I ever told you that before? The image of Winter being a lover's mistress and stealing him until spring is just so powerful. Like Hades holding Persephone prisoner.

Olivia said...

Wonderful Magpie here..
So true and a little sad maybe..

Olivia said...

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