Tuesday, October 03, 2006

prufrock rocks...

all day long, all i can think about is a line from what i've come to realize is my favorite poem..."the love song of J. Alfred Profrock" by t.s. eliot.

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons...

I love this poem. it expresses so many things, but most of all, for me anyway, the beauty of everyday life...the mundane things. if we stop and think about it, there is a beauty, an art even, in our daily routines. maybe the word "coffee" sums it up...every day as a child, the first thing that greeted me every morning was first, the sound of my mother's percolator and then, the delicious, dark smell of coffee. that was morning...everyday brimming with hope and new beginnings. and even today, the first thing i do every morning, after my obligatory trip to the bathroom, is head straight to the kitchen to start the coffee. only after i've poured my first cup and had my first sip does the day feel official, hopeful.

there's more to say about this peom...maybe tomorrow after i've had my coffee...right now, duty calls. how mundane.

what's true...i need to, want to, should, lose 15 pounds. i have no patience for pets...even dogs. i feel like there's been a mistake in the fact that i've aged. i love barry manilow. i hate "csi"...any version, any city.