Saturday, August 28, 2010

Somebody has a birthday!

Today is Diahn's birthday! My grandson calls her "John"...he says "I yike John."

We all yike John.

We yike her because:

1. she's smart, jeopardy smart
2. she's giving
3. she's funny, monty python funny
4. she's so purty
5. she's ever so tall, and who doesn't yike tall people?
6. she's a talented, creative artist and shares her art
7. she's UBER smart...seriously
8. she's compassionate
9. she can sing like a nightingale
10. she's a great listener
12. she's lights up a room and makes everything fun
13. she has a magical unicorn toe
14. she's my best friend and sister

She's so special to me that she gets a Top Fourteen list.

And I really, really yike her.

Happy Birthday, dear John.