Saturday, December 09, 2006

secrets, best friends, husbands & futurama's getting late and I've had a glass of wine and I don't want to whine. But, I am. I'm not going to try to restrain myself. Because it's my blog, that's why. And yes, as a whole, I think our society is too self-involved. I feel we are too conditioned to the confessional, "let-me-tell-you-how-I'm-feeling" psycho-babble. Solution? I don't know. I'm a mess. So, let me confess. Because it's my blog, that's why.

I'm learning how to be content. In the midst of my life.

1. My son, his girlfriend, and her 7 month old baby (whom I adore) moved out today. Good, because they are young and stupid like I was at their age and need to dive into life and figure it out. Bad, because they have a seven month old baby and they are completely young and stupid like I was at their age and need to dive into life and figure it out.

2. I have two daughters who are 14 and 12. They think they are 20 and 21. Oy-vey.

3. I love my husband, but he is a man. I have a completely emotional day of my son moving out and ex-husbands coming to town and he's watching "Futurama". He says this is an episode that I will particularly enjoy because it's about cleaning, as he brushes his Dorito crumbs from my couch. Apparently, I have been reduced to a caricature of a cleaning woman that he finds slightly endearing. We have been married eight months.

4. My worst secret has been exposed this week. My best friend informed me that she has known for a long time and has never said anything. She never said a word. It's a pretty big secret. She never said a word. Never stopped loving me.

5. I challenged a thirteen-year old to "Dance, Dance, Revolution". I'm uncoordinated, very uncoordinated and extremely uncoordinated. I don't have a chance, but at the same time, I am very competitive and can't seem to stop the madness.

What is true...God sends people into your life that reflect his love. I am very competitive, even to my own detriment. I don't like teenagers. I have lost eight pounds. I love my "Futurama" loving husband but wish he were more like my best friend. She gets me.