Saturday, May 19, 2007

Shreveport Lives....

I grew up in Shreveport and for the most part, have had a love/hate relationship with this town. Loved it because this is where I have spent most of my life and I know it like the back of my hand, hate it because there's nothing to do here. Okay, so maybe it's not New York with broadway plays and lights and chinatown and museums. But tonight, I was reminded that every town has just have to look. Because the really cool events, the art events, the free concerts by the river, aren't splashed across the front page of the newspaper, or even the middle pages. But they're there...on the back pages, tucked away...

Tonight, I came home from a busy day of carwash fundraising for my daughters, sunburned, tired and older. A friend called me and said she and her mother, grandmother, daughter and nephew were heading downtown for an end of the year Shreveport Symphony free concert on the river. I was tired but I went anyway. I'm so glad I did.

I was reminded of what I love about this city. The weather is always changing. Even in May, when it should be flamin' hot, we had a beautiful evening with temperatures in the 60's. My dear friend, Crystal, was there early with a blanket, fruit, cheese and wine. Perfect. The conducter was brillaint, somewhat Hugh Grantish in appearance and characteristics (BONUS!), and the evening was beautiful. While the symphony played a medley of American classics, little girls with big, pink bows and little boys with striped shirts and khaki shorts, were running up and down the small hill in front of the stage. No reason. Just being kids. Running...for the heck of it. I remember when I used to run everywhere. And even more magnificent, just at dusk, bats began to swarm (fly? rustle? shriek?). I didn't even know we had bats here.

Crytal's mom, Sharon, said, "Those are bats," as she looked up at the purple, pink, evening sky. "No they're not, those are birds," I replied. "No," she said, "those are bats. See the way they're flying in a cluster of chaos, but yet, together. Those are bats. You don't believe me?"

"Yes," I said, "I guess you're right."

In the distance, just beyond the chaos of bats, was a new moon, the old moon just a shadow in the background, and next to that, venus...shining like a torch. And the band played on...the theme from "Superman".

I love my hometown.