Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Magpie #13

An eye for an eye, is what he always said.
Revenge was the only religion he embraced.
But what he never saw was that he took
without reason, without prompts.
He took like a greedy child in a candy store,
fists full of Red Hots and Butterscotch discs,
with feverish, darting eyes, looking over
his shoulder left and right.
Always fearful, he took what he thought
he may need for an imagined apocalypse.
You never know, he always said.
So, he sits on his stockpile of bitterness,
his stockpile of bodies and plucked eyeballs
and guards his heart,
thinking he might need it one day,
in case of an emergency.

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I'll continue my surprise story this week, for those of you who are following my very, slow, slow story. I'm still processing!


Alexis said...

I liked this. It made me want to know more, like the back cover of a book.

Jingle said...

very enjoyable tale.
Keep it up!

joanny said...

Interesting thought provoking magpie tale-- it pulls you in right from the very first line.


Tumblewords: said...

How fine this is - surely a terrific character study.

sheri... said...

melinda, this is a great magpie, powerful enough to give me some insight into a few people i know who nearly fit this mold! you write very well and i'm excited to see what else you have in the works!

Diahn said...

so good. actually, it's so good, it kind of creeps me out, because it reminds me of someone.

willow said...

This brought to mind images of Ebenezer Scrooge! Well done.

Helen said...

An intriguing tale ~~~ and so nicely written.

chiccoreal said...

Greed can get the better of one in a candy store; but this is over the top! This creepy peep needs a lot more than candy; The Candyman needs a whole lot of love and a good dr.; like Hitchcock's Psycho with candy hot rocks! Love it!

Suz said...

well well well

this was a good one
had a pulse running through it

Dan Kent said...

Bravo! Well written! This is why I came to your blog and stayed initially, your writing talent. Then I stayed because it was you.

My favorite phrase:
So, he sits on his stockpile of bitterness, his stockpile of bodies and plucked eyeballs and guards his heart,thinking he might need it one day,in case of an emergency. Brilliant!

Lisa said...

Wow--great writing! What a vivid character-- Bravo :)

evalinn said...

Intense and interesting!