Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Opposite Day

At 5:30 this afternoon, I was still wearing these...

Hot, right? These hideous polka-dot pajama pants have gotten me through two winters.

I changed into these beauties 10 minutes before my husband got home so as not to look like a total loser.

I'm going to sleep in them. Then I'm going to wake up and put my polka-dot pajama pants back on.

What? I'm washing them, geez.

I think I've lost my mojo again.


Diahn said...

ohmigosh, i've totally done the same thing.

I wore the clothes I slept in Sunday night all day yesterday, and then I slept in them again last night.

but I did take a shower and get dressed today.

for a little while.

fushing february.

becky said...

I love pajama pants!!!!!!

They're so versatile and comfy... And perfect for just about any situation...

Linda said...

:-D hee hee! My hideous pjs have snow-skiing polar bears on them. The others are terrible dark green, blue and grey plaid with pine trees. And, of course, there are the red ones with penguins. If we didn't have a dress code at work I would be trying to figure out a way to never take them off. EVER.

Linda said...

Wait -- you at least have on tennis shoes. Hello ... you were dressed and didn't give yourself credit for it!

Dan Kent said...

Linda (and, uh hum, Diahn) - There are some things that are better for us not to know. :)