Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sweet Ride

I went for a run Sunday. That's right, I got off my fat butt and enjoyed the brief day of sunshine. Down by the river, no less. Okay, I walked. Briskly. I only started running when I saw someone approaching and then gave them the nod and a look that said "Whew! We are some kind of healthy running people, aren't we?" As soon as they passed, I dropped back into my "brisk" walk, panting like a big, sweaty dog. Still, I felt really good about myself and when I got home, hubby asked "How was the walk?"

"Run. You mean run. I ran."

"Yeah, that's what I meant. How was the run?"

"Great! Beautiful! I need a bike."


"A bike. I need a bike. I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike," I hummed. Freddy Mercury would have been proud.

So later, to make a long story short, the love of my life went out for awhile and returned with this...

I feel like a little kid. Of course, the rain has set back in so I haven't ridden it yet but what the heck...it's waiting for me!

I've got a bike...and the best man in the world.

Look for me on the open road, people. I'll be the overweight middle-aged woman with blue Adidas tennis shoes and one pant leg rolled up, grinning like a kid and pedaling like a maniac.

1 comment:

bleigh said...

You go, Awesome Middle-Aged Woman!!!!

Have you taken that bike on any sweet jumps????