Wednesday, June 01, 2011


This may be the longest time that I've been away from my blog. Life has been a little hectic.

1. We moved.
2. Made three college trips.
3. Stevey graduated from high school.
4. Lyanna is here.

Here's what I've been doing in between.

1. Riding my bike.
2. Reading.
3. Cleaning my yard and getting the beds ready for planting.
4. Grilling.
5. Drinking vanilla coffee.
6. Sipping Shiraz.

Pretty uneventful, and yet, completely full of life's sweetest events.

I'll be back soon...happy summer.


Diahn said...

Congratulations, Stevey! I'm so proud of you...and I can't believe you're already graduating - what a quick 18 years it has been...

Melinda - your family is gorgeous! I love that one of Jesse and the girls - they've all grown up so beautifully...miss you all!

Diahn said...

Wait - I just have add in how much I adore the girls' dresses - so kind of retro and hip and modern at the same time...they rock...

Linda said...

:-) Sweet stuff, indeed! Your family is beautiful.

Brian Miller said...

sounds like good times and congrats to the is the first time i noticed the blue like jazz trailer...had not seen the book...thanks for the hit...