Sunday, June 27, 2010

Full Circle Shadow

My grandson loves to sneak my old camera and try his hand at photography. Maybe one day, I'll find pictures of something other than himself. But until then, I find these sweet, little nuggets when I download pictures to my laptop. Makes me smile from ear to ear.

I kind of like these two. So much so, that I've decided they're worthy of Shadow Shot Sunday. These were taken in our backyard, in his bamboo jungle. It's where he goes to hide. And apparently, sometimes, he goes on adventurous photo shoots.

I just absolutely love this kid.

A couple of days ago, my daughter and I took him to see Toy Story 3. He loves the first two movies. In fact, that's a huge understatement. He wears a cowboy hat most of the time, has various Woody and Buzz dolls and characters. He recites lines from both movies. He's been in love with Woody since he was 18 months. He's almost 3 now.

On the way to the movie, he decided to wear TWO cowboy hats, in honor of this glorious event.

I was a little worried that he would be a little squirmy. An hour and a half is a long time for a two-year old to sit still. He was mesmerized. He barely moved, except to shift Buzz or Woody on his lap so they could get a better view. And occasionally, he would look up at me with that beautiful, little crooked smile and whisper, "'s Woody!"

The whole experience was so precious, almost surreal. I used to watch Toy Story movies with my son. And Brian looks a lot like him when he was this age. And here we were again, me a little older, with my sidekick, cheering Woody on.

Life doesn't get any better than this.


A Troy Foster said...

bama pride's got nothing on "Nana Pride"!!!

sheri said...

aww, he is a sweetheart! i especially love the photo of him beneath the bamboo, a very cool background! i feel the same way about mine, especially the youngest one...he has my heart!

Kass said...

Love that top one. It's genius.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

child with camera
shoots himself

Derelict Dwelling Shadows

Dan Kent said...

Self-portraits already! Ahead of his class, I think. Why when I was his age, I was still photographing my feet!

Linda said...

What a sweetie! This post really makes my heart give a little squeeze.

Lisa said...

He sure gives you lots of reasons to love him--he's so sweet and funny. I really like how you wrote about Toy Story's connecting the generations. It is amazing how film and literature has the power to tie us together us like that--and what a beautiful memory for both son and dad to share with you and each other.