Monday, May 24, 2010

Magpie 15

You can take my five loaves

and two fish, and multiply them,

that’s simple enough.

Or you can attend my wedding,

and with one touch, turn well water

into sweet, red wine.

You can cast out my demons,

one by one,

and send them into innocent swine.

Hold my hand, as we step out onto

the turbulent waves of the sea,

stare me in the eye,

and ask me if I believe.

Or how about this,

raise my son's father from the dead,

and while you’re at it,

my Grandmother, too.

And even then,

I wonder,

would I be any closer

to understanding

the way that you love me?

If faith comes by hearing,

speak louder.

If seeing is believing,

show me.

Go here to see more wonderful, eclectic'll be glad you did. I was.


Brian Miller said...

your magpie has a sharp edge...
perhaps you will find what you seek...
nicely written, and provoking...

sheri... said...

oh, melinda! this is stunning!! i understand that we accept by faith what we've read but there is an undeniable cry from our hearts that want, need to see it for ourselves. this was so beautifully written, deeply personal and with so much humanity...

willow said...

It's interesting how the fish inspired so many pieces with a spiritual twist. Wonderfully crafted poem.

Lisa said...

Well, you did it! I love the voice--the wonder and awe of God and still the longing to know--to understand--to feel Him. Such a beautiful poem, Melinda.

Tumblewords: said...

A challenging piece, provocative and powerful.

Terresa said...

Loved this Magpie. It was tasty to the last line. Bravo!!!!

Angie Muresan said...

So very lovely. I am a doubting believer most of the time, although I have been shown so much grace and given so many amazing blessings.

~T~ said...

When we believe, we can see the miracles in our lives. Keep looking! Well written.

Diahn said...


Dan Kent said...

Wow. So powerful. Beautiful poem.

Man o man o man, you are tweaking the writing bug in me something awful. "But I have no time!!" he cries as he wonders how he could juggle both an art blog and a writing blog and if he would be crushed under the pressure. No, no, no..focus..I'm okay. Art it is. for now.

RNSANE said...

I think you speak for many of us, Melinda...hovering between belief and wanting to be shown, needing just a little bit more than blind faith, sometimes.

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