Monday, March 15, 2010

Boy meets girl

Imagine an ordinary couple twenty-five years ago. They were high school sweethearts and so in love. They dated for about a year when the boy's family moved across the river. Those were the days before teenagers had cell phones and the internet to keep in touch. So after awhile, the river divided them, and they lost touch, their lives moving in different directions.

They never forgot each other though. Whenever the girl talked about the boy later in life, her eyes would sparkle and she stared off into her memory with great affection. The girl went through two sad marriages and a lot of heartache during those years. She began to think she would always be alone. The boy also went through difficult relationships and fought in a war. He was scarred emotionally, as well as physically, from battle. And all through those years, the two loved and lost, raised children, and wondered about each other, with only the river separating them.

One day, through the wonder of modern technology, they found each other again. They only talked at first, tentatively, quietly. Each one thought the other sounded exactly the same as they had all those years ago. The dialogue between them felt familiar, safe and easy. Soon they decided to meet for a date at a place on the river. He stood leaning over the balcony, wondering how he should pose, trying to be casual and aloof and of course, cool. He was hoping that she would see the boy she loved 25 years ago. She went to her friend's house before the date, had a glass of wine, smoothed her clothes and tried to catch her breath. She was hoping that he would see the girl he loved 25 years ago.

As she walked up behind him, he turned to face her and guess what? They both saw the boy and girl and the man and the woman and knew they were still in love...just like if the years and the river had never divided them.

And twenty-five years and six months later, this boy and girl finally married each other and lived happily (mostly) ever after.

Congratulations my dear, dear friend. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love.


Inside Crystal's Cave said...

Thank you my best friend anyone could ask for. I love you!

Mark said...

That is a very cool story.

Dan Kent said...

Congratulations to the Gieceks! May the rest of your story be as beautiful as the beginning..

Linda said...

What a great story.