Tuesday, March 02, 2010

On fish and weight loss

This is what I eat, everyday, sometimes twice a day. I eat a lot of fish. I started to eat more healthful a couple of months ago with the primary goal to lose at least 30 pounds. Why, you may ask? I had an epiphany while showering in a glass shower. In this particular shower, the vanity mirror cruelly resides in front of the glass shower. (You know who you are, cruel shower people!) Now it's one thing to view yourself in front of your own mirror, at the right angle, while sucking and tucking in every ounce of body fat. It's quite another to catch a glimpse of yourself, naked and soapy, with nothing tucked or sucked in, completely unguarded.

I literally gasped.

I wondered who the hell that woman was in the shower with me! I whirled around, razor in hand, ready to attack, only to realize that sad woman was me. Epiphany complete.

Two months later, I'm proud and happy to report that I've lost 13 of those pounds so far. Only 17 more to go with a time goal of July 31st. Nice and slow. Well, slow at least.

Along the way, I've discovered a few things that I didn't really have in mind when I started and because I have nothing else to blog about and I know you're dying to here them, here they are. For some of you who already live healthy lifestyles, the list below will only inspire "duh" in your thoughts. To those I say, give me a break. I've always been a late bloomer.

1. I love fish. It's easy, light and tasty. And lots of variety. I may turn into a fish one of these
days. Don't try and stop me. The Incredible Mrs. Limpet. I love this movie and just
found out they're re-making it with Johnny Depp as Mr. Limpet. From Don Knotts to
Johnny Depp? Bonus.

2. I love green veggies...fresh green veggies. When I was a kid, all the vegetables that we ate
came out of aluminum cans and were cooked for at least an hour in bacon grease and lots
of salt. Like the bacon grease didn't have enough sodium. Who knew you could drizzle
olive oil on ANYTHING and sautee it with garlic and it would taste amazing? Not me.

3. Cardio workouts have become my mood stabilizer. Seriously...it really does help with the
crazies. Some days I really have to make myself go to the gym because my mood
absolutely sucks but always after I'm done, I'm a happy camper.

4. I don't get that 2-4 pm afternoon slump. For a while it was all I could do to stay vertical
between those hours. Not so much these days.

All in all, I'd say number 3 is the most beneficial. And the most surprising. Which makes it easier for me to climb onto that treadmill during the week, knowing that I'm saving my family from likely death and and a mention in some cheesy Lifetime series, which I won't name here, but it rhymes with flapped!


becky said...

Fish and fresh veggies, huh??? Cardio??? Oh, my gosh... you ARE healthy!!!!! What an inspiration you are....

Dan Kent said...

So much to comment on..(1) I think Bird by Bird is a great book. Have you ever read the Ayn Rand book "The Art of Fiction"? I think it's the single best writing book out there, (and I've read a lot of them). She thinks through everything, and has a great discussion on plotting. (2) Great about the Mr. Limpet remake - I loved that movie as a kid and Depp is perfect for the role! (3) Congratulations on the healthy lifestyle!