Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Lucky Winner

After much wringing of hands and monumental anticipation, I'm happy to announce that Sarah's story about the above photo was dead on! Congratulations, Sarah! And your prize is having your name mentioned here, Sarah, in my highly read blog (6 followers!) as many times as I can squeeze it in! What do you think about that, Sarah?

Sarah, your guess about my grandson (a.k.a. Mr. Wapkaplet) being forced to send a birthday greeting was correct! And here is the weird part, Sarah, and I think you'll daughter, who's also named Sarah, but without the "h", was the one who forced the birthday greeting on Mr. W and took the photo! Could we call that serendipity? Hmm.....I wonder, Sarah. Not sure if this situation fits the definition of the word. I'm sure Diahn will let us know.

Thanks for particpating Sarah! And thanks for your encouraging comment on my previous Shadow Shot Sunday blog, too.

By the way, Sarah, love your blogs, the dolls in your etsy shop, your sketches and photos...all of it! Hope to see you here again!

Yay, SARAH!!!


Linda said...

Okay, that's hilarious.

Dan Kent said...

This is awfully confusing with all those Sara(h)s. I'd cry too.