Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Had a very busy weekend. Friday was one of my most favorite days in all the world, the Centenary Book Bazaar. Books, books, books! Cheap books! This is my loot.

I found many, many treasures. I'm trying to decide which one to start first and when I do, I'll change my sidebar. I haven't been curled up with Amy Tan's The Bonsetter's Daughter for quite a while...excellent book by the way.

Friday was also my grandson's birthday...9/11. It sheds a hopeful light on a horribly, tragic day. He turned 2! This is some of his loot.

A great time was had by all at the party on Sunday. When we sang Happy Birthday, he actually blushed and grinned a mile wide grin and put his little hands over his face. It was so sweet!

And now this weekend, I'm off to Talladega, Alabama for a wedding. As with any trip that involves leaving my children behind, I have mixed emotions. My girls are staying here so they won't miss school (and really, they don't want to go...imagine that?) so I'm a little apprehensive about going. Four days. I'll miss them! But I have to admit, it will be nice to spend a few days with Robert, away from work, away from Shreveport. And who doesn't love a wedding?

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