Thursday, July 16, 2009

She is Indie

This is the new home of Guitar Girl, by the artist, Diahn. She now resides above my wine fridge, in a corner, between lots of windows (guitar girl, not Diahn...she resides in many places). She likes it there with all the light (guitar girl, not Diahn... although she likes the light, too). She shines (guitar girl and Diahn). She was hanging in my bedroom for a long while because she makes me happy, and I wanted to see her first thing every morning. No one saw her, though and she deserves to be seen.

This corner has been beckoning for her company. I have a thing for corners...hmmm....wonder what this says about me?


On to another topic. The beginning of the summer was a reading frenzy for me. I read Duma Key by Stephen King and enjoyed it thoroughly. It reminded me of his earlier works, like The Stand. It did not remind of IT...that one got a little silly for my taste. A psychotic clown that lives in the sewer that also turns into a giant spider and kills little children? Not my favorite. No sooner had I finished that delicious book, I jumped on the Twilight bandwagon. A lot of my girlfriends were reading it. When my oldest daughter discovered I was reading the series, she said, "I think it's so cute how all the old women are reading these books now!" Yes, she said old women. Killed me.

I loved the series and it kept me occupied for a couple of weeks. Now, alas, I have nothing to read. Well, nothing that grabs me. I'll keep searching though.

In the meantime, I've watched quite a few Indie films. I love them. They're called independent because they're not backed by a major studio but they're also independent and unique in idea. They're almost always unpredictable. The endings are not often wrapped in a nice, tight bow, but the characters are so achingly real. I've watched The Ramen Girl and A Thousand Years of Good Prayers. I highly recommend them.

These two particular films were enriched in the Japanese culture. I learned Ramen is more than a 19 cent package in the grocery much more. I learned that the Japanese are restrained but so incredibly full of respect and awe for tradition. And I use the word tradition only in the sense of values. And that they struggle just like the rest of us with relationships, with what defines success and expressing emotion.

That's what I like about independent films. When I watch them, I feel less alone. And more connected with the world.

The whole wide world.


Diahn said...

Awww - that's a great corner! Thank you for hanging her anywhere at all! That's so awesome. And you said nice things about me...thank you.

The thing about corners...I think it's because you refuse to be backed into one - so you put stuff there that you want to look at...

Lisa said...

When did this happen to us--where did we transition from hot to old women?

Your taste in film sounds fabulous--can't wait to share some of them with you.