Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sweet Louisiana Nights

Dino was here.

She came all the way from Arlington, Virginia, just to see me for a few days. That really makes me feel loved. We had a wonderful time. Unfortunately, due to work and a sick daughter, we didn't get to do all the things I had planned, but we still managed to have fun. She brought her camera of course, so although I do not have one solitary picture to show as evidence, you can see her photos on her blog. I don't think we got a picture of us together. Sixty-six hours goes by so quickly.

Thursday night, we went to a Shreveport Captains game. The weather was perfect! You just can't have a bad time at the ballpark. Good clean American fun, complete with a heckler, a colorful, yodeling beer vendor and an angry mob...well, it wasn't exactly a mob...just one rather large angry woman in a purple shirt who "tattled" on the heckler. Party pooper.

Friday night, I went to Mudbag Madness with two of my favorite people, Diahn and Crystal. Just us girls. Robert doesn't like crowds. Party pooper. After a quick dinner under the tent of Natchitoches Meat Pies, Red Beans and Rice, Gator-on-a-stick and fried crawfish, we headed down to the front of the stage to get up close and personal with Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Experience. We hooped and hollered, danced and cut-up like we used to in our younger days. Crystal fell in love with the lead guitarist from Thibodaux and got to talk to him. He was cute already, but when he opened his mouth to speak, his voice was deep and low and he had a heavy, heavy Cajun accent. Massive sex appeal. Massive. And then more fun girlfriend things happened as Dino and I went along for the ride with C to meet mysterious, Thibodaux guitar-playing man. All good, clean fun things, but too long to go into here. Highlights: Dino was mad at me for exactly 10 minutes, we also met the guy from the band, I think his name was Andre, who played the washboard, C feel more in love with Thibodaux guy, and we almost got our noses pierced.

Good times, good times.

I haven't been writing much lately, but I feel myself inspired this morning. That's one of the things that Dino leaves with me always. A little inspiration.

And we all need that, right?


Diahn said...

It WAS great, wasn't it? We learned how to heckle a third baseman, how to spell Thibodaux, and that I really DO have a GPS in my head. :-D

My recollection of the washboard guy was "Earl," but Andre sounds much more Louisiana, so I'm going with that...

Love you, girl - thanks for such a great time!!

L. said...

How fun to hang out with your friend Diahn! Reading your blog makes me feel like I am actually missing out on something fun in Shreveport : )

Melinda said...

I'm so glad! That was exactly my plan all's not the coolest city in the world,(ahem, that would be Austin) but it does have it's charms. I can't wait until you guys get back here. :)

Lisa said...

When I come back, you have to take me out on the town--you make everything more fun.

Melinda said...

I'd love to! I don't think we've ever done anything together without the kids, have we? :)

Lisa said...

No, we haven't. I promise not to tell your kids that you are fun if you promise not to tell mine :-D BTW--I finally started a blog. I'm not writing anything exciting; I'm just trying to get to the point that I can complete a sentence right now.