Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little Women

These are my beautiful girls. As opposite as night and day, one more traditional and classic, the other, unconventional and bohemian. Can you tell which is which?

I adore them.

It's funny, when I was younger, I always said I wanted a house full of boys. And now, I can't imagine my life without them. One is 16, the other just turned 15 and what is so incredibly cool is that we are finally coming into a new place in our mother/daughter relationship. I guess I finally have realized that they are not mine, they belong to themselves. And while I can guide them and advise them, they are completely separate from myself. Easier said than learned for a mother. We bring so much baggage into this journey of parenthood, and while we only have the best intentions to protect them, sometimes we forget that they are not us, that they have to learn things on their own. Letting go is hard but at the same time, it's freedom. And I'm learning that when I give a little trust, and let go a little of my desire to control them, they actually become more responsible and trustworthy.

Notice that I said a little. It's still a process.

But here they are. Don't they shine?

My little women.


Diahn said...

Of course I can tell which is which, but even if I didn't know them, this picture would certainly clue me in!

They are gorgeous. Stunning, really. How can they be so beautiful in high school when we were such dorks? OH yeah...the 80s...

Good job on your process, Mama...

Lisa said...

I heard Robin Williams, of all people, say that our children are us, only the next step. I can see many of your cool traits in both of the girls, even though they are clearly their own, too. They are both amazing--

Melinda said...

Thanks Diahn and Lisa. Lisa, I present, my friend, Diahn. Diahn, my sister-in-law-and-very-cool-friend, Lisa. Diahn, just so you know, Lisa always makes fun of me because when I talk about you, I always preface it with, "You know my friend, Diahn?.." Apparently, I still think you are worthy of an introduction and Lisa always nods and smiles diplomatically and says, "I know who Diahn is." On the inside, I'm sure she's saying, "Good God woman, get on with the story!!"

She's cool like that.

Diahn said...

Hi Lisa! I'm Melinda's friend, Diahn. Just so you know.

(Thanks for thinking I'm worthy of an intro, Mo. Next time, strike up a little fanfare, okay?)


Lisa said...

Hi Melinda's Friend--Diahn,
I am so glad to meet you. I have seen your art and photographs--they are beautiful.

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