Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mind Purge #3,784

This is for you Doodlebug.

Bacon is good. Bacon is delicious. Bacon, my friend, makes the world go 'round.

Anytime you're hungry and don't want just a sandwich or a cracker, bacon is always there. It's saltly, crunchy and oh, so tasty. And I love pigs. Go figure. Well, love may be a bit too strong, but I am definitely fond of the filthy, fat animals!

I saw a commercial the other day with two pigs eating bacon, or ham, at a restaurant and they were unapologetic. They said, and I quote, inaccurately, "We are paying homage to a fallen friend."

I have become my Grandmother, to whom I will always pay homage. She used bacon and bacon grease for everything, and I do mean everything. There was always a mason jar sitting near or on her stove that was full of the congealed, beautiful, bacon fat! She used it for frying eggs or seasoning any dish that she happened to be cooking that day. A spoonful of bacon fat made everything so much more, well, bacony delicious!

So take it from me Doodlebug, we can love the pig AND love it's meat! And Junebug, bacon is supercool. Really supercool. does a body good!

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