Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The E's

Robert Craig Knievel (October 17, 1938 – November 30, 2007), better known as the Evel Knievel (pronounced /ˈiːvəl kɨˈniːvəl/;[1]), was an American motorcycle daredevil, an entertainer famous in the United States and elsewhere between the late 1960s and early 1980s. Knievel's nationally televised motorcycle jumps, including his 1974 attempt to jump Snake River Canyon at Twin Falls, Idaho, represent four of the twenty most-watched ABC's Wide World of Sports events to date. His achievements and failures, including his record 37
broken bones, earned him several entries in the Guinness Book of World Records.[2]

'Nuff said.

No, not a toy, however, many toys in the 70's were inspired by him. My brothers and I thought he was the absolute, unquestionable, s-h-i-t. The man. He was the Elvis of crazy. The man who made deathlike stunts look oh, so ultra cool. Thus, the huge red and blue "EK" initials on his patriotic belt. Not many men can get away with that kind of stylish statement. Only Evel and Elvis. E and E. Two men who were over the top, bigger than life, flamboyant and yes, I think they both wore capes from time to time. Capes, for crying out loud! And they weren't even drag queens.

But they were superheroes.

God, I miss the 70's.

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