Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spring, Goals and Procastination

These lovely flowers remind me know that spring will come. And with spring, comes new life. A little late in the new year to be setting goals, but I am the Queen of Procastination.

Here are my goals. I know there's power in writing them down but I've always hesitated to do that for fear that someone would remind me if I don't accomplish said goals.

I'm pretty sure that that, my friends, is exactly the point so here goes...

1. Finish novel that I started with Nanowrimo. My characters are just hanging out, wondering where I've been. I'll be back. I've been thinking about them quite a bit.

2. Refinance house.

3. Repair house with above mentioned refinancing loot.

4. Lost 20 lbs. and get FINE.

5. MOVE...physically, which ties into number 4.

6. By the end of the year, be very, very, close to opening greatest bookstore in all the world with my BFF.

As I close in on the ripe ole' age of 44, I feel as if I'm changing in many ways. I feel like I might actually be becoming a grown-up. There's a lot that I want to experiment with. A lot of areas that I want to grow in. Too many to list here.

Come on, spring. Mama needs a new pair of flip-flops.


Diahn said...

It's going to be a great year! I can just tell!

Let me know when the opening party is - I will definitely want to be there for that...

Anonymous said...

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