Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sepetember 11, 2007...a new day dawning

Yesterday, my life changed.

Sure, you say, it's always changing and of course, you're right. But somehow, it shifted in a huge way without my permission. No one asked me if I was ready, and in fact, I'm not. No one told me to take notes on this particular life changing event.

No one told me I would feel this way.

But most importantly, my mind has deceived me. My mind tells me that I'm still young, impulsive, cool, maybe even sexy on a really good day, in the proper lighting. My mind says I'm too young to be a grandmother.

Forty-two. A grandmother. My mother was forty-two when she became a grandmother but I never realized how young that was.

I have a grandson. He is beautiful and his name is Brian Paul. Life goes on, ever so sweetly and completely.


Diahn said...

So beautiful and poignantly written, my friend. So miraculous how the circle has been completed.

And, you are too young to be a grandmother. ;-)


Diahn said...

Did I mention I gave you a creative blogger award? This is why.

Melinda said...

Wow, an award. Thank you! I'll have to check it out...and by the way, what are you doing up so early, young lady?

Diahn said...

Uhhh. I think the time stamp on your blog is screwy. Unless I stayed up that late, I certainly didn't leave a comment at 4:19 am!!

Yeah - go to my blog and read about your award. It's kind of fun!

Linda said...

This writing proves that you are, indeed, worthy of the award! And I'm just envious of your new grandmother status. JUST ENVIOUS!