Sunday, November 26, 2006


I read something today that talked about leaving. The author wasn't only talking about physically leaving, but about change. About leaving our comfort zones. He said that God wants us to constantly change, just look at the seasons. This feels true. So if it feels true, then why is it so hard for some? I've been thinking a lot about my purpose, how I want to make a difference. What is it that I really want do with my life? How can I make a difference? And can I make a difference doing something that I enjoy? Or am I being too literal, too self-serving in my effort to help others? Oh, how disgusting. My husband says that I think too much. Maybe he's right...maybe that's what God is trying to tell me. Enjoy...each day, every moment, each precious relationship, every sunset, every delectable glass of wine, each beautiful note of every song, each stroke in a beautiful painting...whatever it is, enjoy...take notice and give thanks. The same aforementioned author asked for forgiveness for being distracted by all of the things that reflect God's glory. He also asked for forgiveness for not noticing God's glory in everything.

Balance, grasshopper, balance.

What is true: I miss my first love sometimes...still. I've lost five pounds. Life is sweet.

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Diahn said...

I still miss my first love, too. And my dearest friend.