Thursday, September 07, 2006

Meanwhile, back at the farm...

So two months later, hopped up on pain pills from a recent tooth extraction, I finally decided to post something. It's midnight and the moon is full...what more inspiration do I need? I've been inspired from reading other blogger's poems, thoughts and's working. Here is something old. Hopefully, the wheels are turning and something new will emerge.

Lessons from Sunday School

"Remember, God is love."
This is what our sunday school teacher
told us at the end of every lesson.
She never realized these words
were lost to us. The words we kept
were wrath, jealousy and judgment.
They stayed with us until adulthood,
growing like weeds, choking love.
And who could blame us when our young ears
were told about monsters in the old testament?
What were we to think when Abraham
stood up in our dreams, knife raised, prepared
to kill his only son in the name of love?
(Isaac means laughter. God is big on symbolism.)
In the hands of god-fearing parents, we used
our prayers like garlic around our necks.
Years of therapy later, we've thrown out the old,
brought in the new, the testament those teachers
chose not to talk about for whatever reasons.
Now we get the symbolism, we see the foreshadowing
of another son, but I'm no closer to understanding
that kind of fatherly love.

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Dari Malapert said...

Oh, so very true. Maybe we should learn of love first, so we can process the rest later. I don't know. Glad to see you here, though, in any case